Have you terribly missed someone you don't talk to anymore?

Well I do,I still have feeling about this guy. Actually,We both like each other,but things between us just doesn't work out. He is more physically attracted to me and I get more emotionally involved frankly,he want FWB,I want a relationship.He played hot and cold with me, it hurts.

I stooped talk to him and have been silent for 4 months,although I still cares about him.During this period he flew to Taiwan to visit his ex,he even changed his fb profile pic with his ex which made me so jealous!(I am curious is his ex makes him don't want a new relationship? )I guess they get back together although he changed his pic back in a few days.

He was trying to contact me during that period and wanted to figure out my relationship status,I ignore him to avoid further hurting.I was trying to move on,actually, I feel less pain now.The only thing could comfort me is that I deserve better.But I still think all the other guys out there is no better than him which makes me desperate.The most frustrating thing is I still picture him when I finger myself,those happy moments with him just come into my mind naturally.I feel guilty, I know this is unhealthy but I just can't help.I am pathetic,ain't I?

Anyway,these days are not easy for me,I miss him everyday and wish him the best of everyting.Right now,I have ideological struggle about whether to contact him or not .I don't expect anything from him just want to know how he is.

What's your views? Do you have similar experiences?

P.S.I will go back to his town to attend graduation,do you think I should contact him and catch up with him? TBO,I won't back to his country in the next few years.


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What Guys Said 1

  • a former best friend. mostly I just miss the friendship we had but I don't really miss him, cause he turned into a pretty big douche. But I definitely miss have a close close friend who you feel like you can hang out with, relate to, and see eye to on so many levels.

    I have some great friends but unfortunately we all spread out over the country now so I don't see them as often, so it definiteyl stinks not having that friend who was so close both as a friend and geographically speaking


What Girls Said 1

  • I do. I don't miss him terribly any longer but I would like for him to be cordial with me and on the rare occasion that we are around each other to have a short conversation with me and not ignore me.

    What you're feeling and thinking is normal. You're doing the right thing by not engaging in conversation with him but you need to continue to distance yourself from him and don't snoop on his Facebook to see who his with etc. You're not strong enough to face him just yet. Give it time, that's the only thing that will truly help.

    • Maybe you are right,I am not strong enough yet:(

      The thing is my graduation will be the last time I have the chance to see him.Then I will be thousand miles away from him.I am afraid I will be regret.

    • If you think it's worth the risk, go ahead. But you also don't want to see him and have a set back. You may end up seeing him with someone new and that could really hurt.

    • yeah,thanks for reminding me that.

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