My ex is driving me insane?

We broke up because we had sex too soon, also his grandpa was dying. He told me he lost feelings then we parted ways, but a few months later he texted me saying he didn't lose feelings and the real reason why he broke up with me, our relationship was perfect we rarely fighted it was perfect. So we started talking again for about a week, he told me to meet him after school every day but he had a wall up around me, so one day I just got pissed off and went off on him, told him I didn't wanna be friends. Right after I flirted with this one guy and apologized for it because it hurt him nore than I thought it would but he flipped out on me and told me to just move on and go date that guy and to not contact him. He told my friend the day after he regretted saying that, but then every day bow he sits with my friends in the mornings and after school. He avoids me and can't even look at me, and Its driving me crazy. I've been using the no contact rule but its been 2 weeks and he still pretends I don't exist, when I'm not looking ill see him staring at me though. He seems happy.. But why would he do that to me? Everyone always tells me they can tell he's not moved on yet


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  • Your ex boyfriend has internal problems he needs to fix.

    If he does not he will encounter problems through every aspect of his life

    just in different situations.

    He seems as if he is used to his life being a total wreck.

    If it is not that way, he needs to create some sort of unhappiness or drama.

    In his mind, this sits well with him and seems right.

    For some reason, he feels he isn't deserving to be happy.

    Why is that? He must come to that determination.

    He needs to realize he does deserve happiness and the only person holding

    himself back from that is himself.


    Until he fixes himself he will constantly create problems for the both of you.

    You can choose to :

    A) Be a part of it


    B) Not be a part of it

    If you choose A, you need to reach out first to him.

    Tell him how you feel, what you see, and that you want to help him.

    (Understand people can only be helped, only if they want to).

    You will just waste your time if you try to force self improvement upon him.

    Or B, cease all contact with him and move on with your life.

    It will be hard but as time goes on , he will fade even more into the background.

    He will realize that dealing with situations in the manner in which he has,

    will only allow him loneliness and unhappiness.

    You will find someone who is ready and willing to make things work.

    Invest your time and energy into that person.


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