How soon is too soon to see if someone is interested in seeing someone after a break-up?

I like this guy who ended a relationship that was around a year or so long a couple weeks ago and I don't want to be a rebound but I am interested in him alot..(I was last year when until I found out he had a gf). The interest might be mutual we play video games and watch hockey together sometimes. his way of "flirting" is quite interesting.. he either says "you suck" or gives me the finger lol but he is always smiling or laughing and if I get defensive he says I'm only kidding/ I was joking or whatever.. haha...any advice?


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  • Well, that's difficult. But my view is you should try as soon as possible. Though you risk being a re-bound, which would cause short-term pain, you risk long-term pain if some other girl gets to him before you do, in other words the long-term pain of seeing some other girl enjoy the happiness with him that you could have had.


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