Break. break-up. curve ball.

Spent a week in the same place with this guy I was seeing long distance but felt like things between us were rather distant esp towards the end. I felt that he wasn't treating me right. Texting replies afterward from him were slower than usual. I asked if he wants to continue with it or call it quits after I got back, kind of hoping that he'd man up with it. But he decided to throw a curve ball by saying maybe taking a small break then talk to see how each others' doing. After that suggestion of his, no more replies from him.

I mean, we are on a break by default because of the distance already! why would he even suggest that and not man up with it?


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  • Maybe he doesn't want to hurt your feeings, and maybe he enjoys these occasional visits quite a lot and doesn't want to stop them. ?


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  • i thik you should just get somebody else


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