Boyfriend hides me from his parents?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, living together for 3 years as well. (I moved in as a friend and things progressed.) For the first 1.5 years his family did not know we were together. He told me it was because they wouldn't approve of me and would be judgemental. Eventually he told them about me, I met them, and things were... okay. A bit strained but we could get along. Last Christmas my boyfriend told me I would come along for dinner with his family. (The past 2 Christmas' I was alone, I have no family in the area and I was devastated that both of those years he left me sobbing because he was too big of a coward to tell his parents.) However his parents refused to allow me to come over because "I wasn't family". I even politely called his Mother and told her my situation and she hung up on me. So once again he left me alone. This year we have gone through many breakups and fights and during one of them he told his Mother that I was gone and all of our drama. A couple weeks after that I moved back in and we started working on things. Now once again he refuses to tell his parents we're back together or that I live with him. They only live 20 minutes away so when they come over I have to hid my belongings and leave the house. Christmas is coming up again and he's flat out told me that as long as I am with him he will never tell his parents about me and I will always be alone on holidays. Other than his cowardliness about his parents he's a great guy. I don't know what to do about this, or what to say to him. Obviously the smartest decision is to leave him but is it worth it to end 3 years just because he is a Mommas boyÉ


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  • O.O What a coward... Momma's boy...

    I couldn't stand such a situation. You don't have to leave but make things clear with him.


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  • if I were you I would just break up with him


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