Guys, would you go back to an ex girlfriend like this?

my boyfriend 's ex looks stunning and loves him to death. they know each other since high school and dated on and off for 4 years. she put up with everything (even let him see two women at the same time) just to keep him and not let him go. he left eventually Because he completely lost his interest(im not sure whether to believe it or not). but she never stops contacting him.

i feel insecure Because I felt he loved her more than he loves me now and we had a huge fight and is now "on break". that's why I came up with this questions...i fear he is going back to her since she loved him so much..


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  • that's really stupid let him keep 2 girlfriends just to keep him with her. that's not love. she should understand it and he should too. if you really love this guy and you don't care about that because it should be a habit of him to date more than one girl at the same time give him all your love and trust. and if he leaves it's not your fault. it's because he doesn't deserve you. being beautiful and letting him do whatever he wants doesn't make her better than you

    • but will being beautiful and letting him do whatever he wants makes him get back with her?

      he did love her at some stage in their relationship..

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    • no I would not be happy that he sees someone else and me at the same time. I wouldn't want that but the breakup will still make me sad you know.

      but I mean..would he love her exclusively from now on..cuz she "loves him so much"?

    • no not really, he expects the freedom. I don't think he feels much about responsibilities? even if he do he won't when it comes to relationships.

      It's hard, and sad to let go. but it will make it worse if he happens to be like that his entire life. and all your sorrows will have an end. when you find the right one for you, someone who thinks you are the world to him, just you, without anybody else :)

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  • if he truly loves you then being on a break won't matter, maybe he just needs to be sure of himself what he really wants before he commits to either one of you

    • its been more than a year since they broke up. .

  • Time will tell, I can't imagine being with someone with an ex like that in the situation.

    • hm what do you mean?

    • I mean, you knew that he was obsessed with this ex-girlfriend before you started dating him and did it anyway.

    • do you think he is obsessed with his ex? I didn't think he is. in fact he told me he had no interest in her at all that's why he broke up with her. But she would not let him go. and it was all several months before he met me.

      she hasn't been much of an issue when we were dating but now I feel insecure

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