He cheated, what now?

Okay so I'm trying to make this as short as possible.

Basically there is this guy and we have been dating a couple of times but we were never exclusive and that over the past 2 years. It was always complicated and we tried to be friends but it always became flirting and more sexual between us.

The last time we went on dates and had sex was when he split up with his girlfriend who was his first love and they were together for 2 years then split up and came back together after another 2 years for a couple of months and after a month we tried to make it work between us but she kept popping up and it drove me crazy because I somehow liked him..well I flipped and we decided to just be friends and after some time he got back together with her.

Ever since then which was 3 months ago he texts me every single day even when he was on vacation with her. And from time to time we started dirty texting and each time we decided to stop but it kept happening.

And we also would meet up like friends and talk about lots of stuff. He went by my work a couple of times and I showed up at his workplace. Plus 5 weeks ago he told me that he no longer found his girlfriend attractive and he didn't know why but he apparently still loved her. I told him to give it time and maybe the sexual attraction would come back and well I think it didn't. They had a break 2 weeks ago and we met at his house cooking and watching movies and we couldn't keep our hands off each other but I stopped him because I didn't want him to do something he would regret later ...

Then we kept texting and somehow he also gets jealous when I tell him that I am going out or just meeting some guy friend..

Well they got back together and for one day the dirty texting stopped but it came back right away.

Then Monday it went to an extreme! we texted for 5 hours straight and he told me he is looking forward to when we finally can do what we wants to and not only sexually ..meaning he looks forward to when he is single..He sent me tons of photos shirtless and we even discussed whether or not we should wait with having sex and we decided to wait but he asked me to come over the next day to hang out and watch our favorite TV show together..

and things got heated and we had sex.

Right after it he said that it was dumb what he did and he does have problems with his girlfriend but he still loves her. I regret it myself but I don't know what to make out of this. I hugged him and tried to comfort him trying my best to make him feel better but he told me he would need a couple of days to sort this all out with his girlfriend and that he doesn't want to lose me as a friend either.

But I have a million questions. Like can he truly love her when he has sex with me and he even plans it or makes plans for when he is single? Is this even just friendship between him and me?

And yes I do feel incredibly bad for hat happened and regret it too because he has a gf


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  • okay, plain and simple. He is not over her, and you are the "easy tool" that he has right now to use.

    Sure life seems like fun with him, aka hanging out and cooking or w.e you guys do. But It doesn't seem to progress any farther. aka family things and what not.

    To me, it sounds like he just likes having sex with you. Weather or not he's texting you while he's with her, its always in regards to something sexual, like you have stated above, he was on vaca with his ex, and he was texting you naughty things.

    It seems to me that, you keep setting yourself up for this. aka weather or not you like it, things haven't worked once, you have even be littled to status with him aka "friends" which does not work, but you have given it a shot, and you are still in the same spot.

    You need to accept, that nothing will come of this and cut your ties. Weather you wanna realize that or not.


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  • I think this guy is a liar, and wants to have sex with a few women at the same time.

    I pretty much doubt he's serious about you or about her.


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  • Girl...drop this dude. NOW...do it NOW...like right NOW.

    He likes having sex with you...but he's not with you. He's with the other chick. Stop wasting your time with him...stop giving him your precious pu$$y for free. What real benefit are you getting by continuing to sleep and flirt with this guy?

    If he was so unhappy with his girlfriend he would drop her ass and get with you.

    Let him go...




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