How to tell my mom I was in a relationship for a year?

Me and my ex are no longer together, but the depression from it is getting to me. I'm tired of locking myself in the bathroom and crying my eyes out, I want to talk to my mom about it. I feel it will help me a lot. So how do I go about it, my mom is strict when it comes to dating so I'm really nervous. I'm still a virgin so I know my mom won't be that mad, but also I lied about where I would go.


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  • You start offby apologizing for breaking her rules, then explain what happened.


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  • Is she really the no1 person to talk about it? I would suggest to find somebody who knows the story already. It's easier at the beginning.

    Lies are never good, but I understand your reasons. If you sincerely regret, I think she will even be happy that you trust her in this.

    What is your background? I feel that I'm talking to somebody from a Christian or Muslim household.

    • Well I've told everyone except my mom, and I feel telling her will make me 100% better. Also my mom is the Christian and my father side is Muslim... Lol but my parents aren't very religious. My mom just has a fear of me getting pregnant at a young age, because that's what happened to her with me and my brothers.

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    • Haha, I was wondering how I got downvoted that quickly xD normally it takes an hour or two ^^

    • Lol no your answer was very helpful, thank you.

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  • Honesty is the best policy. I know it is old saying, but it holds true. Besides you Mom is you Mom, she loves you I am sure, and you need her. She will understand. That's what Mom's are for.

  • just tell her she has to understand


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