My ex's ex's ex: trouble?

I left my ex of 2 1/2 years 8 months ago after being unhappy for most of the relationship. He was out one night and threatened some guy over me, even though I had never really talked to him. This guy is his ex high school girlfriend's ex husband. The ex wife and my ex boyfriend (we both have children with them) took family vacations to my ex's sister's house 16 hours away. The threatened guy and I ran into each other, obviously we now had a lot to talk about. There was that spark and We ended up hooking up just as 'f*** buddies.' That didn't work out, because now we are secretly seeing each other. I really like him, but I'm terrified of the repercussions. I know he likes me too, we've talked about it. I've spent the night without sex and he's completely fine with it. He asked me on a real date. What to do?
No no no! I've never cheated. We've been broken up for eight months. I moved out


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  • Go wherever your heart takes you. You're broken up. Go for it.

    And yeah I don't think your ex will do anythin.

  • You are so unhappy with your relationship that you cheated? Why not just break it off, and then pursue your feelings for the other man.

    It is simple though, you are unhappy, so unhappy that you became unfaithful. End it.

    As for repercussions from your boyfriend, I doubt anything will happen.

    • No no no! I've never cheated. We've been broken up for eight months. I moved out

    • Oops, was on my phone, misread.

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