How to deal with boyfriend's busy schedule?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a year and recently his work schedule just changed. He gets 2 days off a week and I have moved my schedule around to have those days off as well. On both of those days he has soccer games which are located quite a distance away so on Sunday he's gone from 4pm to 9pm and Monday 10am to 3pm.

So I'm already struggling with seeing him less because of his games but now on Sunday he's made that "seeing his friends" day. We talked about it tonight and I'm getting frustrated because I basically only get him now on Monday from 3pm to around 11pm because I have an early shift the next day. And he feels like I'm complaining that I never get to see him and saying that he needs his social life and can't spend all his free time with me. I understand that, I'm not trying to be a stage 5 clinger. But honestly my ex who I dated for 3 years lived across the country from me and I was not looking to get into what feels like another long distance relationship with a guy who lives 10 miles from me.

I understand he needs to play his sport, see his friends, and spend time with a girlfriend and squeeze it all into 2 days. but seriously I only get half a day with him a week do I be understanding of his needs without me getting so upset each time? Before his schedule changed I got to see him the full 2 days off because he didn't have soccer those days and also it was during the weekdays so his friends were always working. So I went from 2 full days with him to just a few hours a week really.


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  • I agree with Queen B...that is a red flag when he rather hang out with his friends.

    Step One: Apologize for complaining (Just do it to patronize him)

    Step Two: Give yourself a makeover (Buy a bunch of nice flattering outfits to bring out your curves, change your hairstyle...maybe even change the color) This will boost your ego and confidence level. Be sure to smile more.

    Step Three: Emotionally detach yourself from your boyfriend. (Don't call him or text him. Let him contact you)

    Step Four: Start hanging out with your girlfriends more. Go to a few clubs, bars.

    Step Five: Start talking to other guys. Don't sleep with them, just entertain them.

    Follow these steps very thoroughly. They work every time.


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  • no girl that is b.s. when a guy would rather spend time with his friends,thats a huge red flag,especially when he hardly sees you as it is,i would be upset too


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