Why did my ex hug me?

My ex broke up with me. We dated like for two months and a one year. But we work together: and some days we will talk and other days we may not say much but a hello. But he has been confusing me and about what he wants, if he is playing games or still have feelings for me, or else has me really moved on. So about an hour ago when it was time for us to go home. I was clocking out and walking out and he was coming in the room. So before I even walk half way out the door. He said hey wait! And I turn around and said hann and said yea. And he asked me to come back and that he needs to talk to me. So I walk back in the room to him: and he said he feel as if I can't stand begin in the same room as him. And I laugh and said uh no why you say that for. And he said well when he came in I walk out fast past him the other day with out saying anything but when we got that all clear up and I was done talking I start walking back out. He call me back again and said wait. So I walk back to him and he walk close to me an hug me and said all he just need is a hug and had his head rest on my shoulder for a bit until I push him off and said he was begin weird . Why would he say that or hug me he clam he is over me but why is he wondering about what I do at work if we speak or not. And also today at work he didn't even do much but acted as if I wasn't even there. I mean we talk yes but it was more like he didn't care, but Tuesday he wants to be all sensitive and hug me and today it's like Oh yea w.e.


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  • he is just being an ass

    • Is that what it is?... lol I don't know I just hate to haft to work with him, he always doing something weird smh.

    • idk why guys say that we need to be more direct when they are the one's giving unclear hints

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