How can you be friends with an ex?

How can you be in a great relationship and still be friends with an ex? How can you look at someone you used to sleep with and bot get excited and have butterflies in your stomach?! I'm so nervous about meeting an ex of my boyfriend's that I might explode. I finally have a good thing going and I will feel like crap if he looks at her fondly or something:(

They talk like every two months and live far away we in fact live together now but I feel so confused:( we have an honest relationship but I cannot bring this up again because he explained that she is important friend since she helped him deal with his bipolar when he was first hospitalised in his life. Anyway share your thoughts on ex as friend andi'll try to snap out of this :)


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  • The romantic feelings fade away in some cases and it's possible to remain friends after a split despite getting involved in another relationship. It takes a big person and a strong bond between both your current partner and former.

    I've retained at least one such person in my life thus far. The relationship is in a constantly form of change. We used to be much closer then we are now but we never drop out of touch completely. We tend to go through ups and downs.

    And for what it's worth we only ever got involved romantically once over a four month period. Allot of which wasn't monogamous. Turns out we like each other just not like that. We're far to different in almost every way. Which is cool with me.


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  • Well I am not sure my thoughts on exes as friends is going to help with your nervousness.

    I broke up with my boyfriend because I did not trust him. I was still in contact with his first ex, which to be honest I didn't mind too much, but he was also in contact with his most recent ex, who cheated on him.

    I even had to meet her which I found weird and he talked about her often. I questioned him about it and he said he had absolutely no feelings for her.

    Unfortunately I couldn't get used to him still talking to his exes and broke up with him.

    It just was not acceptable in my mind anymore.

    • I feel the same way, I couldn't accept if my boyfriend was still close with an ex. Doesn't seem right.

  • Depends on relationship I think. Some people decide they're better friends than lovers. I slept with my best friend who is now dating someone. I have strong feelings for him, we talk or text pretty much everyday. Only met her once. She knew from the beginning I was a friend, not the other stuff. She may be a constant in his life, like I feel I am to this guy, and you'll never change that. If she is use the keep your friends close, enemies closer theory. Honestly if there are still feelings I think you'll sense it when you're together. Good luck!


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