Why would a guy apologize for a break up that happened 1.5 years ago and wasn't a bad one?

Texts out of the blue, ends with "talk to you next time", why? He said he said what he did because he wanted some space and was selfish-- what's his deal? I'm not sure he even recalls my name... he appears to have memory issue yet things like this make me thing otherwise.


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  • Well obviously he does remember you or else he wouldn't have texted you an apology for your break up. For some people, it takes time for them to be able to talk to their exes about what happened and come clean about why they really had to break up. He probably has been feeling guilty and thought this way finally the right time to apologize. The apology was more for him than for you. This probably gave him closure and ended his guilt.

    • Does he want to be friends do you think or what? He didn't do anything wrong as far as I was concerned' it was mutual.

    • He could but I wouldn't read into it and think that's the case. If he wants to be friends he'll stay in contact. But it could just have been something to help him move on. You never know how it affected him, especially if you haven't been in contact with him. 1.5 years seems like a while but he still could have some unresolved issues from it. I'm not sure about any of that though. I'm just speculating, Don't read into it and don't get your hopes up.

  • he probably just went through another break up and it make him think of you because the girl dumped him for all the things he did. good luck


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