Is my ex jealous or just being friends?

My ex and I study in the same small program at school. We were good friends, then he asked me out because he said he couldn't stop thinking about me. I wasn't really into him, but said yes. I did fall hard for him once we started dating. Everything was great..until one day he freaked out...he basically said he felt too young to be in a serious relationship(he is 24). He said he never saw us ending, and that scared him. I believe him. He hasn't had any other serious girlfriend, so I think he wants to try other ones out.

Its been a year since we broke up. We saw each other everyday in class and had to work on many projects together after we broke up, which was tough. But, I finally feel totally over him and happy.

This other mutual friend of ours that we just met has started hitting on me. He asks my ex some stuff about me. Anyway, my ex doesn't talk too much to me. He came up to me yest, and started making convo. Then he started saying "you know our friend x, I think he likes you. He asks a lot about you" and "how many of your friends know that me and you dated?", and "I think the other day our friend x was trying to hit on you at the library...that's why I left".

Do these statements mean my ex is jealous and still has feelings, or is he just making conversation like a friend?


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  • He's still jealous over you, or he wouldn't bring up thisother guy; he'd ignore that situation if he didn't care about you.

    Maybe, after a year, he's not so worried about being too young to be tied down. Or, he would feel comfortable just with casual dating for a while.

    But obviusly, he still likes you and wants to be in your life.


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  • He obviously has feelings and still loves you. Talk things out with him, maybe you guys should give it another try.


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  • I think he clearly is a little jealous. Seeing the friend hit on you was bothering him so he left so he didn't have to see it. However, he can be jealous of that without wanting you back or having feelings. It may just be envy of seeing you (potentially) move on with someone else and him not having anyone yet, or at least not having someone with him at that very moment.

    I went to a BBQ hosted by a mutual friend of my ex's and I. My ex was there and saw me speaking to a new guy. My friend told me he seemed jealous. But I also know from him telling me a while ago that he doesn't love me anymore and he doesn't see us ever getting back together. So jealousy doesn't indicate that he has feelings for you.


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