How does being cheated on affect future relationships?

I've been talking to someone for almost 2 months now. Well I know from one of his friends he was cheated by his ex and they had a pretty nasty breakup, we never talked about it cause I don't want to pry.

Anyways we still haven't gone on a date or anything like that and I notice he's very guarded. And I'm thinking it's cause of him being cheated on :/
Forgot to mention I've never been cheated on so I don't know how that feels.


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  • i'm not really sure , I'd think anyone who had been through that is going to trust people less until there really comfortable with them . I've been through some bad experiences with girls but haven't been cheated on when in an actual relationship , but generally after going through a bad experience you sort of feel bad about things for a little while until you meet someone new or focus on something else


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  • He might be a little hesitant to put as much trust in someone again.That doesn't mean it won't happen,but it might take a little longer if he's been burned once.

    Give it a little time.He'll be more than happy to be with someone who doesn't cheat on him.

  • Unfortunately being cheated on especially if it was recently makes you wonder if relationships are worth the effort. Especially if you have a terrible track record and often your friends provide more support and companionship.

  • Next relationship I get into I am cheating.

    • Don't do that :(

    • I will. It's OK for them to do it to me and leave me with botching whole they easily moe on to the next one so now I am going to get them before they get me.

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