Cheated on while she was carrying my son?

my now kinda ex cheated on me whilst carrying my beautiful now 18 month year old son. I still love her and she is a great mum and I know she totally regrets it! but it wasn't a one off and I'm really struggling to forgive and forget.

She has totally changed since having the baby but I've never felt hurt like that but she has really been trying to put things right and has grown up alot! I wish I could forget but its a permenant scar.


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  • I had the opposite happen to me. My husband cheated on me while I was pregnant. I can't tell you what you should do, but I can tell you that my son is almost three and I still don't trust my husband. I'm not sure if I ever will again. It's really hard.

    • Yeah it is she actually move the guy in after she was 4 months gone and I didn't see my son till he was three months it absolutely flattened me but I can genuinley see how sorry she is but its like trying to put together a smashed bit of glass! never the same.

    • Mine gets drunk, cries and says I'm his best friend. Some people do stupid things and feel like hell about it, but it sure doesn't fix it. Good luck to you.

    • wow,i know the feeling ,this cuts deeply and leaves a permanent scar..what made her chnge,did he dump her or did she leave him after realizing her error?

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  • I'm the guy with the "cheaters crawling in pain..." question. It's hard ! At least I'm not tied up to her as you are cause that makes it harder for you. I probably can't even comprehend how it feels to be in your position...

    i didn't talk to her, didn't want to listen... but from what I'm getting from her I feel she's thinking I'm overreacting... it makes me want to break up things...

    Why did she do it... did you talk to her ? How do you know she'll stop it ? I don't think they understand how serious it is. And it's even worse with their "oh, it's you that I love".

    I'm regretting the day I met her. That's how bad I feel. If I'd ever come across some kind of Technology to erase her and everything linked to her out of my brain, I'd do it.

    If you still live with her now, there's going to be a day when you'll realize wether you 2 have a future or not... Maybe you''ll learn to trust her again, MAYBE she'll realize the sacrifice you are making for the baby. But it will always be there in the back of your mind.

    Try and talk to some kind of therapist... they'll know better what to say. I'm not the best to listen to for advice. Everything I wrote is poisoned because of the pain I'm feeling... My mind is not working properly ...

    WIsh you the best of luck !

    • Yeah we are best of friends now but I think she had never been taken seriously before until she saw the effect on me then she realized how much I really loved her, best of luck pal and things will be OK in the end

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