Does a man really ever change his cheating ways?

I'm not sayn girls aren't his as bad when they want to b but how do you really know a man has changed his cheating ways.?


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  • Cheaters, male or female, don't change. Not as a rule. There are very few exceptions to this rule, but you're more likely to win the lotto-6/49 or something, rather than actually find a cheater who changed their ways.

    If somebody cheated on you, no excuses, no second chances, just kick them to the curb. They burned the bed. They're not sleeping there anymore. Seriously, you can't trust them again because they've proven they can't be trusted, which just leaves your relationship forever in doubt.

    Furthermore, if you ever let a cheater back into your life after they've cheated, you've just told them, directly or indirectly, that this is OK, this isn't so bad, and they can come back from this... meaning they'll get to a point where they'll just cheat again. If this cheater has ever been forgiven or allowed a second chance, then it's pretty much guaranteed that they're never ever going to change. You won't put up with them? They already know that somebody out there will.

    Yeah, I don't have a high opinion of cheaters. Let's just say I've been burned before. My friends have been burned before. I've even known a few cheaters who I never got in a relationship, nor have I even been friends with them. After all my years, I've seen the patterns, I've asked my questions, I've studied the behavior . I know enough that I have no reason at all to say anything nice about them. I have no defense for them. Why should I? They're selfish, entitled, and compulsive. I have nothing but contempt for them.

    So no, a cheater never changes their cheating ways. Not unless they've gotten royally, harshly, painfully, punished for it. Seriously spanked. Humiliated. Screwed. Hurt. They'd need to lose something big and bad to change, and even then, as I said, it's more rare than lottery winners.

    Man or woman. Cheaters don't change.


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  • I won't change as soon as I get the opportunity to.

  • No since cheating is normal.

    • We'll I have cheated on and I have never cheated but I am dead set OK doing it next relationship I get into.

    • What I am basically saying is that I am tired of being used played and cheated so now I will start doing it. Get them before they get me. Everyone cheats in relationships in one form or another. KNown or unknown it goes on. I am going to take control.

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  • not yet but I'm thinking there are some


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