Parents... in affair or divorce. How did it feel?

Have you gone through the reality of knowing that your (married) parent was having an affair with someone else, as a child? How did it feel?

And do you think this is worse, or is it worse to be a child and see one's parents divorce?


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  • I remember a lot of fighting between my parents as a kid (I was aged 6) over my father having an affair, it was awful. My father decided to work on his marriage and my parents are very happy together now. I had a discussion with him on my 31st birthday over the fact that the knowledge of his affair (although it lasted only a few months when I was young) had consumed my life and given me a level of resentment towards him and he cried and apologized to me. He decided he wanted to make it work with my mum back when I was young but for anyone that is SURE they want to walk away from their marriage, I'd say the husband/wife need to discuss it when kids are out of the house and eventually agree to be civil for the children's sake. Nobody else should be introduced to any child until the child has adjusted to the fact their parents are no longer together and live separately.

    • Thanks for a very insightful and relevant comment...

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  • I have been through this and it is very difficult to go through! I felt different because all my friends parents were happy together. It didn't make sense why parents couldn't make it work. Now that I'm older it makes more sense.

    • Yeah, it can be tragic. It's sad how some people simply don't seem to understand that a married couple needs to have a good sexual relationship going. And that the problems one encounters are often the result of having a bad sexual connect, not the other way around...

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