Guys, is their a reason you would not tell your ex-girlfriend you were seeing someone new?

And what would be the reason? ...

My current boyfriend, has split up with his ex-gf, who he has been with for a lot of years... she still messages him via fb, talking about their friends, and I have been very patient with this... but he has not told her he is seeing someone new because he says he does not want to hurt her, and it wouldn't be nice...

she accidently found out, and she got so emotional, that he lied to her to calm her down...

should I be OK with this if he is being open with me on this subject? he has told some mutual friends of theirs about us, but told them not to tell her...


Most Helpful Guy

  • I personally am the type to cut all contact with an ex. So I wouldn't be able to tell her I was seeing a new person anyway. I especially would not mention anything because I wouldn't want her doing something crazy to mess up any potential in the new relationship. Some exes can be pretty crazy.


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  • What business is it of hers? She's not entitled to any information about my life. The relationship is dead, she's in the dark... She can scavenge information from all her spying friends that overhear my conversations but she as far as I'm concerned I'd rather she just live her own life.


What Girls Said 1

  • I wouldn't be okay with it. It is obvious that he is still very close to his ex and he cares for her, he didn't want to hurt her feelings. The fact that he couldn't even tell her about you would concern me. I would feel like a third wheel.


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