Can you be jealous of an ex but have no feelings?

Just curious. My ex and I have been broken up for 9 months now. I'm finally over him ending such a good relationship, and I'm really happy. We work together. So I have started treating him like normal again because I'm over it.

The other day, he came up to me, and started making conversation. Which is unusual. Then he started talking about one of our mutual friends. He was like "you know our friend likes you. I think he was trying to hit on you the other day while I was there, so I left". My ex has also been a LOT nicer to me recently. Not sure if its because I'm back to normal with him. But evrytime he's having lunch, or taking a break..he keeps inviting me and is always trying to make fun of me.

Not sure if he still has feelings, or is just back to being friendly like before? What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a situation like this?


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  • Pretty sure you've already asked this question before. You neglected to mention that you we over him. I think exes can be jealous of you and still be over you. They can be envious that you're moving on before they have someone new that's into them or that they're pursuing. That's what I've seen in my case and I have been told by my ex that he doesn't love me and doesn't think we'll ever get back together. Yet he acted jealous when he saw me talking to a (hot) guy.

    Now let's leave this be and not keep submitting the same question, eh? :)


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  • No, jealousy happens if you still have even a glimpse of feeling for him.

    I think maybe part of this is because of something you used to possess is no longer in your possession.


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  • He just wants your attention and his ego stroked


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