Where do we stand?

So I met this guy at work. We exchanged numbers, and we have been talking everyday and pretty much all day since. He texts me "GoodMorning beautiful". Whenever we talk or text he throws beautiful and he calls me "baby" and "boo" the conversation continuously. And every morning when I get to work he gives me a big hug.. So, in order to see where things stood with us I told him "idk where things are headed with us, but you're really cool so I'm OK with just being friends" and he said "so I'm just your friend?! I want to be your boo thang!".. I'm not quite sure what a "boo thang" is.. He kinda made clear we weren't a legit couple like boyfriend/girlfriend but I'm confused about what we are. He and my ex got into an argument the other day and he told my ex not to call or text me anymore. He said he wants a kiss from me. I feel like we're more than friends, but I'm worried I'll never be his actual girlfriend. I dnt want to push it or force him to make me his girlfriend. What do I do? Should I just give it time?


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  • some advice it seems like he wants a relationship, but he used the word boo thang also it seem like he want sex if you like him tell him want you want from him and let him no what you don't want but don't have sex with him. take things slow


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