Should I text him again to find out where we stand, or just move on and not say anything?

I met a guy online before I came back to school, but we couldn’t meet face to face then for various reasons. He’s one hour from my hometown, but 6 from my school. We texted almost every day for a couple months. Since he returned to work after healing from an injury and turned 21 last month, it seems like he's either always working or drinking with friends (according to Facebook), which I completely understand. He replied to something I wrote on Facebook on September 30th, but he hasn’t responded to anything since then, including a few texts. Usually stuff like this doesn’t bother me, but he was always really serious about keeping in contact and talking about spending time together when I’m back home, so it’s unlike him to not respond at all for so long.

Should I text him again and let him know how I feel about being avoided for so long, or is it pointless? I just want to know where we stand so I can move on before I waste more time thinking about him if he's not interested anymore.


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with just asking to find out where you guys are at. If things were a certain way & now suddenly have changed then you sort of deserve to know what's up. Especially if the communication problems are from his side. You don't really have anything to lose by sending a text.


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