Can I make my boyfriend (Note: we broke up and got back together) never want to leave me again?

First of, This is maybe a little bit of a weird question.. But here comes:

My boyfriend and I were in a relationship, he broke it off. First I was chasing after him begging him to take me back, after a while I thought; screw you.

After a while he came to talk to me on text, I ignored him. He missed me blablabla, Allot of things happened but we're back together now

Things are going good, there are some small difficulties here and there but we're getting there you know.

There's just one thing, one question that I have for you guys;

Can I make him love me more or something? In the time that we weren't dating and stuff my feelings, probably also his became less. That spark of the beginning, I won't expect that to come back. but something? I wish next time he wraps me in his arms again, he would say that he loves me.

I can't force feelings I know that, but I'm just a little bit scared

btw: I'm already less dependent then before, I try to be sweet to him from time to time. In the past I was really clingy and dependent. So that's a good thing Igues.

I figured maybe you guys could give me some adviece?

it's a bit of a messy question I'm sorry for that


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  • You say you know you can't force feelings, and yet you want to make him love you? Do you see the contradiction there?

    I'm sure you already know this, but I'll say it anyway:

    There's not much you can do. He either loves you or he doesn't. He'll either fall for you again, or he won't. Nothing you do will be able to change that. He's left you and he may never really love you like he did, and I'm reasonably certain that if he ever comes back, it will only be temporary. It will likely be brought on by loneliness, desperation, or perhaps just because he thinks going back to you is easy. And no offense, but if you're really this clingy, and really so big into getting him back and making him stay, then he has every reason to think so. Especially since you chased after him and begged him.

    Sorry. I know these aren't nice things to hear about yourself, but I think you need to know. You're not in a good place. He's likely not really into you like you'd want. He likely never will be. I think it's better you just forget him entirely, and move on.

    If you can't do that easily enough, then perhaps you should try kicking him out of your life, entirely. Just cut him out, cut off all communication, cut off all ties, block his phone number, block his texts, block him on all I.M. programs, and social media (Facebook, myspace, twitter, etc...) and all divices, redirect email from him so it doesn't reach your inbox, return snail-mail to sender, and anything else. Just kick him out of your life so he's not, in any way, a reminder, and from there, just live your life, trying to forget him.

    So my advice is that he's not going to be good for you. He's never going to be what you want. You're never going to get him like you want. So the best advice after that is to just lose him, kick him out of your life, and move on. Maybe find somebody else. It's not what you wanted, but it's the best you're likely to get.

    Good luck.


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