Ex hubby was being extra friendly-perhaps he wants to get back together?

I think so. After Church he asked how I'm doing (which he NEVER does)and asked what's new.

Ok,wtf? OK you NEVER ask what is up,how um doing.

Last week he was out of town and so I was at his house caring foe the kids.

his Mom must have tipped me off. Lol

Yes,i want to get back together,but does he? I think so.


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  • Just from asking how you are, I don't think that's any indication of a reconciliation. If a couple have kids, it's always better to be on friendly terms as you are going to be in each others' lives for a long time. I think you have over-analysed a simple conversation as nothing he has said/done could be construed as flirty or suggestive. However, you know him and I don't so you would have a better idea than anyone on this site ... personally I wouldn't get my hopes up but good luck and I hope everything works out for you


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