My boyfriend is acting clingy. What should I do?

So me and my boyfriend have had a relationship break for one week now. the reason we took a break is because of our busy schedules. we never have time for each other, any who we decided to stay apart for one week without talking, meeting..etc. but through half of the week he start texting me, even after one day left he started to talk to me, that for me is just not right after he suggested us taking the break. About two weeks from now we are doing it again and I am nervous, because I know it wouldn't work for him. It does for me though. :/

What should I do?


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  • What do you mean it works for you? The break? If the break is working for you, then clearly you do not want to be with him. Therefore it is best for you to officially break up with him now, instead of giving him false hopes.

    He is clearly tortured by these "breaks" and its not fair.


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