I'm confused with this guy, please help!

We ended up sleeping together on the second date, but I wonder if sleeping with me was what he had planned doing anyway. I don't usually sleep with a guy just like that. It just kind of happened. It had happened the morning after that I slept at his. And then after I left, he messaged me that night. So I thought, maybe that's a good sign, he messaged me even after it? But then the next day he hasn't messaged me at all, but poked me back on Facebook. I then decided I'd message him(I never contact him first usually) and we made a joke about him poking me on Facebook. I then couldn't help myself but say it was a spare of the moment thing that we slept together and I said Because I'm not like that, I'm a nice girl. He then said he knows that I'm not, he knows a skank when he sees one, he's been with them before.

I'm starting to feel like I like him we get along so well, but now I don't know what to think. We both have just got out of relationships recently and we're both not looking for one, but I don't know it would just be nice to at least hangout., maybe see each other. But I'm thinking he won't even want that, he hasn't mentioned us hanging out again, I did mention he was fun to hangout with and he said thank you, but didn't say the same about me. We have known each other previously before these dates too so. And I don't know should I just leave him alone now :(. I don't know why he contacted me the same day we slept together if he may have only seen me as a bit of fun..


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  • "He then said he knows that I'm not, he knows a skank when he sees one, he's been with them before." Ummmmm yeah you just answered your own question. You really want to to like a guy that would call you that or say that about you? He's not saying it to make you feel better. He is calling you a skank and a slut. If I were you I wouldn't bother with him. He clearly is a jerk and just wanted to use you for a one night stand or just sex. He insulted you calling you a skank and he didn't even compliment your company around him. He's a jerk and a looser to say something like that about you. You really want to hang out with a guy that called you that and is acting like that around you? Hun you need to find a better guy than that honestly.

    • I think you read my question wrong. He didn't call me a skank. In his exact words, he said "I know you aren't one, you can tell who is and isn't one." And he said he had been with skanky girls before. I should of put in the question how he worded it. So he wasn't calling me one.

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    • I meant..that I went on a dating site, a different dating site, after I saw him (as in after I spent time with him), meaning, we both went on dating sites, after we spent time together. Maybe I'm not very good at explaining things. But, I was on 2 different dating sites, I deleted the profile on the dating site that he was on. He also deleted his profile. I'm still on a different dating site, which he isn't on. Anyway guess your right :( I'll still wait though sigh

    • Well you could wait a little bit but don't hold your breath. If he doesn't get a hold of you after a few days then you know what he was about.

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  • There's not enough information here to make a good analysis. Just keep things light and don't try to read his mind. Sure, he wanted to sleep with you - that doesn't mean it's the only thing he wanted. Be cool, keep doing the things that make you happy, and if he's legitimate, he will find a way to meet with you and keep things going. If he's a sleaze, he won't be contacting you very much.

    • I guess..I hope he's not just saying that he knows I'm not like that, just to make me feel better. I know he's still been online talking to girls on a dating site since, but he's allowed too. He's not committed. I just guess I'd be disappointed if I don't get to see him again because I'm amazed at how comfortable and how well we get along. He might now think that I won't sleep with him again so he won't ask to hangout, I don't know.

    • Yeah, you'll have to let time tell.

  • could be


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