How do you break up with your guy without hard feelings?

we have been dating 1.5 years and I feel things are not going as quick as they should be in terms of aspirations/ careers.

I felt also that he chose to date me too soon after I broke up with my ex boyfriend and thus since he works with my ex boyfriend, it is a constant reminder of my past relationship. my parents don't like himwtih, that's besides the point. he likes me, he says he loves me constantly but I feel a drift building up. other guys have flirted with me and I haven't gone out with any of them. When I asked if he wanted to go out with other girls, he went quiet. We have had one broken engagement. I'm not sure exactly what I should do, he has said he doesn't want to lose me as a friend (that is inevitable if we do break up)...I have been avoiding his family dinners and get togethers which they invite me to every month. I just don't think he has the means right now to marry me since he doesn't have the right job or have a debt free status either, however he is very sweet and been there for me. what would you do?


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  • just say "I'd like to break up now before things get ugly" then take back or give back a key or whatever and walk away


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  • You can be friends after a break up but all feelings have to be gone. If you want to be done just end it no matter what it will hurt but leading him on makes it worse so just get it over with


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