Girls who know my boyfriend stare at me

My boyfriend has had a history with many women at our university. There was a girl he hooked up with once and she's seen us together a few times. I've caught her staring at me while she walked by a couple times around campus. He turned her down after they hooked up once and I'm thinking maybe she's jealous. There was another girl he tried talking to before we knew each other and she's been in several of my classes. I've caught her staring at me a couple times as well. She has a boyfriend, though, and had one when my boyfriend tried talking to her and he backed off once he found out she had a boyfriend. Then there are two other girls in his major who are in the same club organization as him who I've also caught staring at me. One of them also has a boyfriend. I get a weird vibe from these girls...I can also see why my boyfriend would find them attractive, too. I know it's different because there are other girls who are his friends who don't behave like that around me.

Am I just being extremely paranoid or should I be worried that he's flirting with them or talking to them? He says he isn't but who knows. It's possible they like him and could be jealous of me. But it scares me and makes me anxious. I am already insecure and this is driving me nuts. But I want to get an outsider's perspective. I've been thinking about ending the relationship because I'm just too insecure and stressed out and I know it's not fair to him. Is it just me or do I have a reason to be worried?


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  • i think one of two things

    1. most likely jealous

    2. perhaps they wonder if he was with you when he was chatting them up...

    honestly it's mostly likely jealousy or perhaps they're just comparing themselves to you but I really REALLY don't think it's something to worry about


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  • so

    what can he do now

    he already did that stuff

    yes you should be worried

    unless you go live your own life

    will you ever do that?


    will you?

  • They're jealous of you.

    • Is it because they like my boyfriend? I'm afraid he might encourage he flirts with them, too.

    • Yes. They wouldn't do it if they didn't like him, but you should bear in mind that many girls like a guy much more when he becomes attached. So maybe they don't like him a genuinely huge amount, but they definitely like him at least a little.

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