Why would he do this?

So my EX long-term boyfriend and I broke up about 4 months ago. I'm over him and have not seen him in a month or 2. Out of no where tonight he randomly texts me and asks how I am. Why would he do this? The reason why he broke up was because he cheated on me; I found out, then he told me some back things. such as he didn't care about me only money. So why out of nowhere would he randomly contact me. I know he doesn't care he's a narcissist so why would he do this?


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  • He is doing it probably because he is in a life situation where he has no other girls left. Or he needs money. Either way, don't give in to the temptation of replying. Don't do it.

    Please answer mine. Thx :)

  • From his point of view it can't get worse so why not see what he can get. He might get to use you again right?

    I wouldn't humor the text and just don't reply. Block his number if you have to.

  • get over it

    no more texting


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