He stares at me from far away but ignores when I'm right next to him

Hes just awkward right?

Hung out with this guy last year. Crazy long story but he never treated me right. Basically I wanted a relationship but he said no. But we still acted like a couple...? Took me out to dinner, spent the night at his place did a lot of fun stuff together, hiking biking etc.

Well towards the end of the year he "called it off" said he just wanted to be friends...And so I walked off. And then he came back and said he was sorry. He missed me. And again something happened and he walked off, and I was losing interest. And then he came back and I gave him a hard time. Said I was worth fighting for, he apologized up and down and just held me, even though I kept pushing him away for being so difficult.

And then one night he came over drunk and he said he was sick of immature relationships he had been with 8 girls before me in his life (we are 22 and 20) and he wanted me to be there for him. And I told him that it was too bad that, when I wanted him he didn't want me. He said this twice but he was drunk both of the times.

And so summer came and he got someone knew, jumped right into a relationship with her but didn't last more than a few days. Why would he get in a relationship with her so quickly and give me such a hard time? And then I started dating someone else who is a sweetheart and love him very much. And one day the 2 of them were near each other, I walked away to do something and I realized my ex wasn't follwing me and I turned around to look for my boyfriend and my ex is staring right at me. In the hall he watches me walk in and then when I'm right next to him he ignores me.

Is he just awkward and uncomfortable? He told me when he was drunk that he ignored me to keep me interested? What do you think? Guys point of view?


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