Does my crush like me back?

So been hanging out with this guy at work. For a few weeks we were taking breaks together. he was always telling me jokes. Then he started asking me about my family where I live and what I like to do. He also started telling me personal things about his father dying, past girlfried issues and his family. So got up the courage to tell him I like him but didn't get much of a response. He just smiled and walked away. He was in the middle of work though. However, I seen him the other day, he said hello waved and walked away. Don't know if I upset him. I do know his boss did tell him no chit chatting while on duty . He works in security. Don't know if he likes me back or is avoiding me.


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  • as a guy, I can see things from his perspective.

    the smile and wave may have been because he was working. he may not have been able to talk.

    here is an idea, and itll give you more of an idea of what he's feeling toward you.

    get 2 of the type of drink that you know he likes, and walk into work off break and say something like... "oh I had a coupon for two! want one?"

    judge his reaction.

    i know if a girl told me she likes me, and then she brought me drinks and snacks, id know she was serious and it would attract me to her! the thoughtfulness is attractive.

    good luck!

    message me and let me know how it went!



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  • they maybe can't if you don't know

    so forget that


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