Is there a reason why cheating shouldn't be mainstream?

What's more, why do we need monogamy, bar some antiquated social norm? Can anybody prove that humans should be monogamous, or that it's our inherent state?


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  • If I prove to you that using toilets is not inherent to our species will you stop using them?

    • er.. if camping in a forest, I won't need a toilet.

      actually, monogamy like water closets is just a social norm/pecularity. few things are inherently needed or desirable.

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    • I never said it was needed. But some people prefer it, regardless of whether or not it's inherent to our species.

    • some people want to ban alcohol, so what? people hold different preferences, this is humanity.

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  • Monogamy is healthier. You're less likely to catch an STD (remember condoms aren't 100% safe). The healthiest children grow up with monogamous parents.

  • cheating is wrong because its a breach of trust. however I do not believe or think monogamy is necessary. agreeing to see other people is not the same as agreeing to be monogamous and cheating.

    monogamy was important to men because they wanted control over paternity. men no longer control the wife or children so that point is moot. as far as who the father is- we have tests to determine that. so who or how many men a woman sleeps with is not a cause for parent child confusion.

    people find closeness in many different people. I don't think its reasonable to expect one person to be everything to one other person.


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  • Not that you could grasp this but humans are evolving while diseases are spreading so...

    • Also children grow up into happier people with a stable healthy home.

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