I hate my ex but still think she's gorgeous.

Hi I split up with my cheating ex 4 months ago. It was a bad break up and it took 3 months for both our tempers to calm down and be civil to one another as a child is involved.

I've moved on with my life got new friends, adjusted to seeing my child every weekend. but recently me and my ex have become more civil in each others company. Now I don't still love her, I don't want her back and to be honest I hate her. She was horrendous in the relationship and post break up acted in a way that was awful to see. And she said things to me that shouldn't be said to the father of a child. Despite this when I see her I'm still physically attracted to her. What is this about? I would never ever take her back and she made my life a misery yet I still think that she's gorgeous. I know this is wrong and it's driving me crazy can anyone relate?


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  • While I can not directly relate, I do understand how you feel.

    It is good that you haven't fallen in love with her all over again, because that would make everything much worse in the end. Yet, being physically attracted to her isn't 'wrong'.

    Attraction is something which an individual has little influence over. It just happens. You think that girl is hot, but another is plain ugly. Attraction and love are 2 very different things. Love is the emotion you feel in a relationship. The happiness of being with that special someone. It makes you feel great when you think about her and how she is and acts around you.

    Attraction is the feeling which is more physical. It is the thing that makes you think a girl looks hot and which ultimately leads to sexual attraction.

    You are attracted to your ex and, as you said so yourself, not in love with her. You think her personality is horrible, but her body on the other hand, isn't all that bad.

    There is little you can do, other than to resist the feelings. They will eventually go away. It shouldn't take too long. There is no harm in subconsciously thinking: "she is gorgeous", as long as that is it. Don't let it get stronger than those three words!

    • Thanks for the answer you talk a lot of sense, it just seems like she's the only girl that I'm attracted to at the minute which is awful given the circumstances I'm in!

    • I have been in that position. I was very attracted to a girl which was a horrible match for me + she didn't feel the same way. It sucks, but the attraction DOES pass after some time. YOu will be fine

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  • Is she really hot/sexy/cute? I was wondering if a gorgeous ex is harder to "get over" than a plain looking one.

    Do you think so?

    I think it's normal

  • A beautiful bytch, maybe be a bytch, but she's still beautiful. Just because you know how ugly she is on the inside, doesn't mean she's going to turn into an ugly hag.

    • Your spot on! Break ups would be easier if she did turn ugly tho right?

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