Don't you think 'ex is an ex' is very narrow minded?

I believe that depending on why the break up happened etc. Any ex couple can become friends or even get back together.

I feel like people should be a little more open to this.
  • Yes, it's narrow minded! I'd give it another shot!
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  • Yes, it's narrow minded! Nothing wrong with becoming friends!
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  • No, it's not f*ck al exes!
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  • Yes you are very veryyyy correct on the narrow minded part. lol That or they like to feed there ego with the hurt they have caused you, and they are still a child within, and haven't grown up.

    I am in the same situation with my first true love. I have tried multiple times over the course of 8 years to reconcile with her, and she just blows up on me every time I try to speak to her or contact her. I don't know why. She blows up on me like I used to beat her or something, when I've never put a finger on her, or even cheated or anything or done anything like that to her. Sure we had our little arguments, but she holds onto all of that like I have physically abused her, or cheated/ she puts it to that kind of high priority, which I don't understand why and which isn't cool. And when I mean she blows up, I mean like she goes nutso on me, and can never be civil and just talk with me. Like when I contact her, I'm all nice, and she just goes all nutso on me. I even called her out on it last time, and she actually changed her attitude for once, and told me politely to just go. I guess its the guilt she has that she left and hurt me that she cannot cope with or something, when I'm not even holding it against her. I always bump into her family oddly enough, and they always tell me how they miss me, and how they don't understand what is wrong with her. I dunno. I guess its like a pride/ego thing that keeps her away/them away, you know?

    So in conclusion yes I am totally with you that people should be more open to this, as to why they aren't, well we will have to see what people who are against it have to say, and I guarantee you, there ego's will be talking. Not there spirits like how we talk.

    But what I don't get is, they left us for petty things, yet the new person/persons there with, they stay and put up with these petty things that they couldn't deal with us with. Get what I mean? But have the patience do put up with it with the new person. Which is what I don't get. Like your whole family loved me, my whole family loved you, we were together for a long time, and you just squash everything we have built because of stupidity, and now can't even talk to fix anything, but can stick around with the new lump to fix everything. Get what I mean? It makes no sense, but sometimes you just have to cope and say, I'm better then this crap.

    Anyways long story short, she probably feels dumb for what she did. I know mine does for sure, especially if her family loved you. Anyways, I'm pretty sure the guy she's with now slaps her around and uses her for money, and she regrets leaving me. But what can I say? I tried.

    • It's ironic because I have trouble myself accepting friendship from an ex who really wants to. But that's probably because she broke up with me two months ago.It's just confusing... maybe I should ask her what she really wants or something lol

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    • ahh, so this isn't your first true love or anything eh? Yea, I wouldn't pay no mind to this girl. This is not the samething I have gone through lol Yea, balls in your court on what you wanna do, she sounds messed up, and emotionally detached from her feelings to her brain, cause to care is to love, and to love is to care. Its can be separate. Cause no love = no care. And no care = no love. Its like growing a flower. She sounds mentally ill. You could probably bang her a couple times again though

    • It can't*** be separate.

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What Girls Said 2

  • In my opinion, If you're single, there's no problem being friends with an ex. If you're in a relationship, I think it's a bit inappropriate to be friends with an ex.

    One of my ex's contacted me after a year since we broke up and wanted to be friends. I am in a relationship so I told him that it was not right for us to be in contact, nor did I want to be in contact with him. I feel that if an ex wants to put themselves in your life again when they know you're in a relationship, they don't respect your relationship.

    But that's just my opinion :)

  • Because an ex IS an ex. Nothing narrow-minded about speaking facts.


What Guys Said 2

  • Generally speaking the reasoning why most people break up is dependent on the nature of the persons in question. That said, this nature tends to not be "alleviated" by any changes in life, or if it is then it is alleviated after so much time that neither of the persons are the same and the functional title of "ex" wouldn't really make sense to apply.

  • Yeah, depends on circumstance.


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