Is hanging out with him bad?

So my parents got divorced and my mom got remarried to this guy. And they got divorced after 10 years and now It's been like 8 years since and my old ste brother has been texting me wanting to hangout. But my boyfriend doesn't like me being with other guys. He gets jealous. This guy used to be my step brother and I have no interest in him. He likes me but I feel nothing for him. He wants to hangout while my boyfriend works and if we did I wouldn't tell my boyfriend because he gets super upset. Nothing is happening between us. Is it bad if I hangout with him? If I do, is it bad if I don't tell him? Or should I tell him? Should I not hangout with this guy? Thoughts?


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  • If you're going behind your boyfriend's back, it's wrong. If your boyfriend is with you and doesn't trust you, it's wrong. If you don't want your boyfriend sneaking around behind your back hanging out with girl, then don't do anything similar to him.

    That being said, there's nothing wrong with you hanging out with this guy at all. The only problem here is the fact that you're even dating this guy who put you in this situation with his insecurity.

  • He's family, right? I mean you're not gonna sleep with him or anything. I wouldn't advise you to keep secrets from your boyfriend. You should let him know that the super jealous routine is a bad thing though, and if he can't get over it that might be a deal breaker. It would be for me. I trust my partners, and if they can't trust me it's hard for me to stay partnered up with em. YMMV.


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