I'm confused, she needs a break but she still talk to me

On Sunday, my 3 month girlfriend (5 months dating) told me she needs a break.

She doesn't want to stop talking, she just wants to talk a little bit less, which is harder than not talking, since this conversations are so awkward, and it's very painfull to me.

I told her that I won't contact her, and that she should be the one that should initiate the conversations. Which she does everyday.

She did tell me that she loves me, and doesn't want to leave me. But this break isn't helping. We're driving apart, and I think she'll eventually leave me.

I love her, and I want to be with her, and this is driving me crazy. I can't stop thinking about her.

I think that she might leave me for some guy from her job. She's been weird since she started that new job. And I know she chats with some guys from there everyday. And one did ask her out.

I think that if I sit and do nothing, she will leave me. But on the other hand I don't want to push it.

I can't sleep, I don't know what to do.

We may see each other this Friday, but I think it's gonna be so weird, I don't know how to behave. I'm so mad at her, but I love her so much that I want to see her, talk to her.

Note: She hasn't specified how much time she needs, she doesn't know.

36 hours since she last spoke to me. I want to talk to her, to clarify things, but I know this won't do me any favour. I'm going crazy.


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  • Have you talked to her about how you feel?

    It's not fair of her to make you sit back and wait while she works things out, but then talk like nothing's wrong.

    Let her know that it's fine if she has internal things going on she needs to work through and wants to take a break, but that it's harder for you to maintain contact. Suggest no contact and remind her that you're there for her, but also remind yourself that should an opportunity come along while you're on a break (i.e., a new girl), you should take it.

    In other words, support her while she works out whatever she has to work out until she comes back...but don't put all your eggs in one basket. Be prepared to move on if she doesn't.


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  • what was her reasons for wanting a break?

    to me this seems, like you said, that she is weighing your options and frankly trying to have her cake an eat it too. she doesn't want to lose you but it seems like she has feelings for someone else and is seeing how it will go and thus is keeping you in a holding pattern.

  • Dude you've been dating her for 3 months. There is no way you going coo-coo for her after only 3 months. Grab a hold of yourself. She's WASTE.

  • This relationship went into the sh*tter cause of her. Leave it there, sure you love her, sure you don't wanna lose her. But clearly she is trying to figure something out within her. Something inside of her is telling her that she is not ready, or she is still trying to get over something.

    It seems like she just wants to talk to you, to have you there when she's lonely, or something. Cause she said I want to talk, but less. Which basically means, at my convenience.

    Honestly, if you want your sanity back. Forget her, and get out there again and start dating.


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