Am I being taken for granted and if he loves me why is he doing this to me? What could be his deal?

Here is some background info:

My boyfriend and I have been together a tiny bit over a year. Things seem to be working out well from what I can tell. I usually only see him on Saturday night and Sunday, due us both being in school. He goes 14 credit hours a week and I go 9 credit hours this semester. My boyfriend lives alone Downtown and goes to school 5 days a week. My boyfriend has been telling me for months he wants to live together, however he has done the following to me in the past week which is discouraging me to even think about that ever happening.

Here are the events below:

1) My boyfriend walked me to a job interview Downtown. My guy was on a break from classes and seemed happy to take me. Later on when he got back from school after his last class, my guy told me that he had homework. I told him well do it then and maybe we can get food later. I always let him do his homework since I need to do mine at times too. Instead of doing this homework he said, "well I want to buy a blazer" and "I said okay" then went with him. We got dinner after he went blazer shopping and everything seemed okay. However my boyfriend was drinking at dinner and half a**ed his homework later after we got back to his place.

2) The next morning he blamed me for him not his homework. I blew him off because he does this to me off and on. Even after blaming me I took him to his school and later on he did not talk to me all weekend from Friday on. I knew he had school and was busy with stuff.

3) Sunday after this all happened he finally told me, "I am sorry and I needed space." Keep in mind I saw him one day out of 7. This royally pissed me off more after wondering wtf his deal was all weekend. I was mad because he keeps telling me I am the only person he has (he is from a different state) and then did this to me. I thought this was really disrespectful that I had to drag this info out of him after he ignored me two days through text, Facebook and phone. If I ever confront him about acting like this he gets pissy or acts like a kid.

My questions:

Why might he have acted like this?

Am being taken for granted and if he loves me why is he doing this to me?

Also how can I talk to him about these recurring issues and have him listen?


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  • Have you considered a spanking? Maybe that's what he needs since he acts like a kid!


What Girls Said 1

  • He could just be pmsing (boys do that a lot). He could just be stressed out amd taking it out on you it's not right but it happens. Just calm down don't go all he doesn't love me he's using me just yet. Just ask him what's going on and tell him that it upset you that he treated you that way.


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