Why does my Boyfriend's ex want to be close to my girlfriends?

A while ago, My boyfriend and I took a break for about a year. During that time, he got close to someone else and started dating her. When he broke it off with her to be back with me, she was understandably upset and made it clear she hated me...although we never met.

My boyfriend and I have been back together for about two years. About a year ago, she started trying to get close to both my best girlfriends. She does it quite blatantly (I notice it mostly through comments on Facebook and things my friends have said). We are all adults and I understand we know some of the same people, but this is a huge city.

what would you think she was trying to do? What would you think if you were my boyfriend?



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  • Since she has made it clear that she doesn't like you, she is just doing it to piss you off. Since she is obviously doing this to irritate you, don't give her the acknowledgement that she so desperately wants.

    I would have a conversation with my friends and tell them exactly who she is and that you don't feel comfortable with them hanging out or talking to her. Unless they have been close to her longer than they have been to you, they will most likely listen to you. If your friends decide to still hang out with her, just let them know that you don't want them discussing you and your relationship with your boyfriend around her.

    Anyway, your boyfriend's ex is petty for doing something so immature.

  • Some adults still act like immature teenagers. Sounds to me like she wants to get close to them just to make you mad, and possibly turn them against you somehow. I mean, she did make it clear that she hates you. So it wouldn't surprise me if she does want to get back at you somehow. I agree with lilsis909, talk to your friends about it. Make it clear that you don't trust her that much and that whatever she might say to them, they should come to you and talk to you first before making any quick judgments.

    So yes, sadly there are still people out there who act like immature brats. The best thing you can do is be the bigger person in the situation and act accordingly, not stoop to her level.


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