Why do guys like girls who do them wrong?

Okay so this guy that I know has a girlfriend who constantly cheats on him and disrespect him. Why would they stay with someone who keeps cheating over and over and over and keep disrespecting them? I know no relationship is perfect but it's the simple fact is they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.


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  • It sounds like he's what we call "Kitty whipped". only with a P. He's so happy to be in a relationship with her that he's willing to accept what she does to him. Basically, he doesn't think he can do any better for himself. Let me guess. One of the following things is true. Either she's really really pretty, or he's a complete wuss.

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  • maybe he loves her too much that he can pay a blind eye to it. or even though you didn't know he might the same person like his girlfriend is. in that case each one has their freedom and they are somewhat compatible since both can't get satisfied with one


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