I am 99.9% sure my wife cheated , but why does she not confess ?

I had no idea that she would be capable of cheating , she always said if you are going to cheat leave , so she said the same of her selve , anytime I saw messages or phone bills she would say it's an invasion of privacy and if I continued she would leave . I have spoken to one of them and he told me every single detail before disconnecting his number . He confirmed her name when , where , how , but she tells me that she has no idea who he is . That is why I am 99.9% for 5 years I have lived with this on my head , I already forgave her as it was out of revenge for my big mistake of infidelity . Why won't she tell me the truth ?


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  • There are reasons for why someone wouldn't confess. Without knowing her it is hard to say for sure why she won't admit it. Maybe because she is afraid of you knowing the truth. Right now you only "think" you know she cheated. If she confessed then you would "know" she cheated. She might not be sure how you would react if you knew. Also it gives her leverage of complaining about your cheating, while pretending to be a better person. Even if you can forgive her for cheating she has an excuse to not trust you in the future, while you don't have a reason not to trust her. This makes future affairs easier for her. She can always throw your insecurities in your face. Some people just don't have the moral fiber to admit they have ever made a mistake, no matter what evidence has been presented.


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  • I personally think that in a relationship that is serious, there should not be "Invasion of Privacy" because you are willing to share everything. Heck, my boyfriend is allowed to read my diary. That is WAY more private then a phone bill.

  • simply, she's afraid to lose you and she knows she has that grip and control over you. she threatens to leave, you let it be. take charge and be upfront. best way to be with a woman

    • How is the best way to be upfront

    • In my opinion, I would just honestly be upfront by sitting her down and being like, "babe, we need to talk." and take it from there...make sure you don't let her push you around and tell her everything you feel! With a woman...the best way is to call her out/tell suspicions.. You DESERVE an answer... anymore questions let me know! best of luck

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  • Everyone cheats in relationships.

    It's normal human behavior.

    I say continue your cheating, she continues hers. It'll happen anyways.

    Don't ask don't tell.

  • "...I already forgave her as it was out of revenge for my big mistake of infidelity."

    so basically she cheated on you because you cheated on her...


    • I am 99.9% sure she cheated on me . Her sister had her husband leave her that same year I believe she cheated , her sister is still single 5 years later and hates me as Ido her because I knew of her husbands flings , and her sister believed I should have told her . Her sister started going clubbing after her husband leaving and my wife her sister went with her as her support . My wife believed I cheated on her but I did not and she still does not believe me . I did a year down the track when she

  • She's not going to tell you because if she does, you know for sure. If you know for sure, the gig is up. So she's lying. If you're so sure, just leave. Trust me. I had a girl who told me "If you can't trust me, this will never work." as if to guilt me, but I actually found the other guy, and I confronted her with him, and oh man was she mad. She doesn't have any moral standing and yet she's mad. Your wife is being the same way. Just go to a lawyer, and do things like preparing a case so you can actually leave her without losing your shirt, and then, serve her. Simple as that.

    • Oh, and whatever you do, never bring any of this up with your wife again, between now and when the divorce is final.

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