Found out he had a girlfriend and has been leading me on.

I've been "hanging out" or "seeing" this guy for like 3 months. I recently found out he has a LDR. I want to clarify if it was all in my head or he was actually sort of cheating, even when we were not doing anythign sexual.

He would text me every day, randomly

He would complement

He would ask to hang out or study together

He would tickle and we would tickle fight like every time we hung out with each other

we'd nap next to each other

We had deep conversations.

Past relationship questions came up but he never mentioned his girlfriend. And he got defensive when I asked about his most recent relationwhip

We ate together

Overall, we spent a lot of time together and I developed feelings for him.

Why did he do this and is something like this a common thing?

Looking back, I see lots of red flags I ignored because I liked him and wanted things to work out so bad.


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  • it seems you were apparently the non-sexual girlfriend substitute since his girlfriend is far away.

    since he didn't mention his relationship with that girl it is clear that he was leading you on, or at least lying by omission. I also think you are a bit at fault here, like you said you saw red flags but you blinded by your feeligns for him...saying you are a bit at fault here isn't a criticism because I've been in the same boat.

    but he definitely led you on as he never mentioned while talking about relationship wtih you the one that he is currently in. If I were you I'd be pissed and if I were his girlfriend I'd be really pissed.


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  • Run.

    Any male friend that you hang out with and lies about or never mentions having a girlfriend when the subject arises is one to avoid. It sounds like his interest in you is purely hormonal. It means he has less than noble intentions if he is hiding something like that. It is a big red flag.

    I know it is hard, but you should just forget about him. If he is denying his current existing relationship to other people and friends, what is to say he would not do it to you if you pursued a relationship with him?

    • So he really was leading me on, right? he wasn't just being friendly and I read him all wrong?

      I was pretty sure the constant hanging out, the daily texts, the tickle fights, and stuff like that all meant he was interested. :(

      I am definitely ditching this dude.

    • Yes. He is most definitely leading you on.

  • You want to know if he might be cheating on you? No he is not., he's cheating on her. You are being used & taken for a fool..

    If what you say does turn out to be true & there is another girl.


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