Is really interested in me?

So I have been dating a guy for a couple of weeks now. We have both come out of a relationship, so it is very new and fresh. I was trying to get out of the relationship that I was in and he was really supportive. He even told me that he has liked me for a long time now, but considering we were both in relationships, he waited till I was available to tell me how he felt. He even said that he would treat me like a queen, with the up-most respect and care.

Since we got together, he has called me his girlfriend and introduced me to his friends. The problem I have is that, he had broken off with his girlfriend about a month ago and I had broke it up a couple of days because being with him. For me, this was no rebound as I didn't love my ex boyfriend.

Anyway, with this new guy, we have only slept together once, but my main issue is that I feel as though he is resisting and avoiding getting intimate and close with me. I find that he rarely messages and calls ever. at least to ask how my day is and how I'm doing. I don't want to have to keep messaging him to ask how he is. When I do see him, which is quite often, he'll kiss me and hug me, but as of getting close, passionate and intimate, it's never there.

I'm not sure if it is because he's still hurting from his break up (even though he broke up with her), or he just wants to take things slow (EXTRA SLOW). I don't mind going slow, but it was his idea to be in a relationship and right now, I'm not feeling like his girlfriend. I never get to actually spend quality time with him, even though I see him a fair bit. I feel like I'm meeting his friends a lot. I mean, wouldn't he want to get to know me. It just doesn't seem like a person who has liked me for the past year.

I know I should be patient and see where it goes. I'd like to feel a bit more spark and for him to show a bit more affection. I'm not fussed that we haven't had sex since then, but I'd like him to kiss me more and show a bit more enthusiasm.

He even said he needed time for him to get his life back on track and I asked him well did you need space from me and he said no. I'm not sure what to do...

What do you guys think?


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  • It is WAY too soon for you to even wonder if this guy likes you.. You need time to recover from your breakup and I have no idea why you are sleeping with a new guy ALREADY.. What is wrong with this picture? Are you a friend with benefits? How is he supposed to respect you as a potential girlfriend anyhow? Don't EVER listen to what a guy tells you.. WATCH what he SHOWS YOU. His behavior will NEVER lie... so don't buy a crock of b.s. from a guy who may only want to get you into bed. Have some SELF RESPECT... HE's only been broken up with his ex for a month and already you're his girlfriend? Honey, he may be trying to claim you so YOU don't continue looking. How do you know you're the only one? If he can get over his ex THAT fast.. he won't have any trouble getting over YOU..

    Take your time. Get to know him as FRIENDS... build trust - respect - honesty -- THAT is what a true, lasting relationship is based on - in addition to the LOVE that develops.. Just because you sleep with him ... doesn't mean he loves you.

    This could be interpreted as a REBOUND relationship.. That is not good. They do not last.. All you are to him is someone to keep him from being lonely.. A warm body. Please have more respect for yourself -- Have him as a friend but stop sleeping with him. That will only lead you to more heartache... Hugz.

    • Thankyou for your comment. I want to get to know him. I even suggested lets just take a step back abd just get to know each other as friends. however, he wants to date and for me to be his girlfriend. he has even spoken of marriage and kids and has already named then o_O he even introduced me to his friends and told his parents. he told me its not a rebound. So I'm not sure what's wrong..

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