Does moving to the US make sense?

I belong to the east and like many others wish to pursue further educ. from an American university. The glitch is the current economic crunch and the unstable job market which gives me the jitters. I wonder that after completing my course would I be able to land a job there so that I can at least earn as much as I would've invested by then. Ideally I ought to ask this question to a counsellor or my relatives based out there :p but I wish to know from you guys also, i.e. the local American public out here...Thanks :)


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  • It all depends on what area of study you wish to pursue. If you want to become a computer programmer, or an engineer, you will likely find a job.

    If you want to double-major in women's studies and Croatian history, you will likely be a barista at Starbucks.

    • I intend to do Market Research as that is my area of interest.

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  • Moving out of US make a lot more sense than moving in. With everything that is going on and everything that will happen fairly soon, it is the smartest idea to Move out of here.

    • I met two Americans here from Washington DC, here in my city. They say they don't miss anything about the states. The jobs are down and so they are just splurging all that they earned doing jobs while doing their under going on world tour. They then would be heading to Thailand and hope to teach English there for a few months to earn ad then spend again. Kinda scares me...

  • what course of study are looking to get into?

    that is really the bigest determining factor. Certain fields are down but plenty are not and the currently there is a slow improvement in the economy. so you have to consider that as well as where things will be when you are finished school...which I would imagine would be much better because if they don't turn around by then...well the country is probably in trouble

    • I am looking forward to a Ph.D in Marketing, Market Research & Strategy. I also have a friend who is doing Ph.D in Pharmacy Admin.from UGA

    • well there are usually marketing jobs available. often times they are rather low level to start but there are usually a good number of marketing opportunities and with a PhD in the field I imagine you'd be pretty good. Like you said I'd talk to an education counselor or gauge the job field right now and figure that it will probably get a bit better

  • Don't come to America.

    It sucks here.

    • So the American dream no longer exists?

    • The "American dream" used to be a beautiful house with 2 cars, white picket fence. No. this American dream no longer exists. Now everyone is scrabbling to pay off their debt and fund their retirement accounts.

  • The problem with the job market is mostly with people that don't have college degrees. If you intend to pursue a higher education then the job market shouldn't be too bad for you. Also the US is a big place. Some places are having a bigger unemployment problem, where as others are not having much of a problem at all. It really depends on where you go.

    Also Americans are really spoiled. In the same newspaper they talk about a job crises and a labor shortage. Under educated Americans are refusing to do jobs they see as beneath them, and expect immigrants to do them instead. If you have a good work ethic and education you will do fine.


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