We are on a break, but he emailed me. Do I write him back?

Been together almost 2 years, and we have been fighting a lot lately. I told him we should take a break and think about everything before talking again. He agreed. Its been 2 days, and he sent me an email saying that he is respecting my wishes to not speak, and that he is taking time to think. I already know that I don't want to break up...I love him so much and want to work on things. So...all you guys out there, help me out. Should I write him back? And if so, what do I say? Will I look weak if I respond? I don't want to play games, but I'm afraid if I write him back, I will appear weak and desperate. What should I do?


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  • You can either

    A) Write back and keep it very short .


    B) Not write back at all.

    If you stand your ground, you will not seem weak.

    You ultimately know where your mind is and what you want to do,

    so stick behind that.

    If you do decide to shoot him an e-mail you should say something like,

    "Okay, have a nice day".

    This is very short, and not what he would be expecting.

    He would think, "Wow, she really is serious about not talking to me."

    So it's not the fact that you are writing back, its how you are

    appearing towards him.


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