I don't know what to do with my ex I have to see every day.

He broke up with me, and after the breakup he would text me acting pissed off and once apologized for hurting me. Then he told me he still had feelings for me but couldn't afford to go into another relationship right now. by the way when we talked he smiled at me in the halls and texted me every day But then I went off on him and flirted with this guy, by flirt I mean took him in the art room where my ex was sat right by him and flirted super loud and touched the guy a lot. Ik this was wrong and I don't know why I did it, but then he told me to move on and not to contact him. He told our friend the day after he regretted saying it. I asked him to dance at homecoming and we danced and I apologized and he just said "Yep. yep. yep." And looked away so I walkes away and started crying then he started freaking out ans went to his car, his friend said his eyes were pufy and he was crying. He tells people I'm a bitch to him and I texted him a few times and he didn't answer. by the way we have the same friends and we've both cried over each other. I just want him to tell me how he feels but I'm scared to approach him in person.. What if he walks away? Or has a wall up? Or starts crying? Or tells me he doesn't like me and I start cryung?


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  • You're free to do what you want, so don't take all he does or says too seriously. Try to laugh and joke with him. In the meantime, it's perfectly OK to flirt with other guys, that's what being young is about!

    He sounds like you hurt his feelings with the other guy, so you can't expect him to be available to you until he gets over that. If you are worried about his feelings, tellhim you were just tring to 'get even.'


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