How can I maybe change his mind?

So I have a crush on this boy but we've never talked. He's super shy and I'm super shy. I was anonymously talking to his ex "girlfriend" and was saying that I liked him and just questions about that and she said knowing so and so he probably isn't interested. Androgen I have a friend that has known him for quite a few years and say well maybe he isn't looking for a relationship. But why? Is that it? And nothing had directly come from him so keep that in mind. But I would really enjoy a chance with him but I just feel like I'm not good enough and not pretty enough for him I would kinda of feel like a joke to him and his friends. Any tips? And we're both shy so that's a big thing too. Oh and one last thing when I moved into this neighborhood he lives right behind me and about a month before my 26th birthday his step dad said that his wife wanted this boy to ask me out but... Nothing has happened and I'm okay with that but I'm just kind of stuck on what to do or think... Thanks for help


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  • Your hands are bound tight. I can't think of any manner which wouldn't have some backlash against you for you to win. This and the risk doesn't even guarantee a reward so if you did act you could end up just embarrassing yourself anyway with the included almost guaranteed backlash. To make matters worse you've your own confidence issues.

    You would be better off looking at other people perhaps in the future. That's not what you came here for though so against my own better judgment I will do what I can to solve this puzzle. Give me a few minutes.

    • All scenarios I ran lead you to failure. The only method I can configure, which is a scenario I didn't bother to mentally run, is just "spend time with him and hope he grows on you". That's lame. It's also hard to do if you're shy and share no common interests. Oh well! Sorry.

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