What all do you know about ring sizing?

About how long does it typically take to size a ring?

Does anyone know what the process is when a store switches goldsmiths and how long that takes?

Details you can skip if you don't really care lol -

I'm engaged but we never got a ring because I didn't find it practical at the time. Instead I've just used a plain silver band for the time being. We had so much going on that was more of a priority like fixing the car or other responsibilities. Anyway for my birthday my fiance decided it was time to get one. He let me know on my birthday he'd saved for it and we went to pick out one together.

We still have things that are more important so I still don't want some several hundred dollar one even though he was willing to buy whatever. I found a pretty diamond ring with three stones on sale for $99 (regularly around $200) plus the sizing cost. Anyway that store told us they were in the process of switching goldsmiths and it would be about a week when its normally a day or two.

Yesterday was exactly one week and he went into the store and she said it wasn't ready. He asked if it had been sized just not sent back to the store and if he could pick it up but she told him its actually in another state. We both don't really understand that but anyway she said she would call him that night and let him know for sure.

She never called and he called her today and she said it wouldn't be at the store until "about Tuesday". That's almost two weeks.

Neither of us have really bought jewelry before lol so neither of us really know how normal this all is?

I'm all for him getting his money back but he made a good point that it was a very good deal we probably won't find anywhere else. He also brought up how I was talking about it being a unique setting and pretty ring for that price. So I'm trying to decide on if I want to wait or not.


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  • They have a set of rings for the sizing process. They slip them on your finger and find your ring size.

    After that it's just a matter of selecting the ring you want and the ring maker sizing the ring to your specifications.

    I have a friend who works in a jewelery store. Typically takes them around 48-72hours but only because they have to send the ring out to get worked on. Probably takes an actual jeweler no more then 30-45 minutes to size a ring.

    They cut a section out of the ring making a break in the circle. Then they heat the metal to make it malleable and ether add in a slag to make it bigger or (less commonly) rework the existing metals to make it smaller.

    p.s. my advice is if you like the ring, then wait. You've already gone without a ring this long, is it really that bad waiting a little longer? Two weeks is in fact a long time but if they're in the process of switching jewelers it's understandable.

    • It wasn't so much not wanting to wait to have it as much as it was that we weren't sure what is normal and just the vibe we got from this wishy washy woman that works there lol.

      We talked about it though and have decided to wait until Tuesday just because we won't find one this good for the price he paid anywhere else.

      Thank you for your answer(:

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