Kissed, slept over and spent the day together, and now?

I've known this guy for a while and always thought that we'd hit it off, and last week at a party we kissed, he came back to my house and we spent the night & the day together and had loads of fun - he said so himself when leaving, and we kissed again before he did. I've only spoken to him really briefly this week and don't really know what's going on - I KNOW he's not in a relationship kind of place right now and that's not even what I want from him but I'd just really like to hang out, we just get along so well. how do I get back in touch and ask him to do something without having him think I'm looking for major commitment ? Thanks!


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  • Asking to do hang out is pretty far removed from making a major commitment. However, I can see how what's been happening can head in that direction quickly. I tend to think that the best plan is to be honest: to say that you're not looking to be in a relationship but you really do enjoy spending time with him and want to continue hanging with him. That won't ensure that he doesn't develop feeling for you down the road. But you don't want to have this discussion after he's developed such feelings.


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