Please help me with my relationship with my cousin?

my story is about me & my cousin, I'm 23 she's 20 now, 2-3 years ago we started chatting on Facebook more frequently, and every time we met we get closer together, teasing each other, laughing, holding each others hands and stuff like this, long story short we started to have feelings for one another, although we didn't intend to. Until one day she thought I was expecting something real from this relationship, and she changed, and stopped talking like before, so we sat and I explained to her that I wasn't expecting anything real and we agreed to go back being just cousins, but a couple of days later we talked more about what each one felt for the other and made things clearer and decided to go back close. Until months later we decided to

stop all the sweet talk and stuff and be just cousins, I got upset at that time and wished it all didn't happen from the start, this lasted 8-9 months and I got better with time and forgot about her somehow.

Then she started to get closer to me like before, and a week ago she told me that she misses the days when we used to sweet talk everyday and she still thinks of me and stuff, and my weak point now is that I'm also in a state where I want a girl in my life (note: no sex is involved) so now we're close like before and talk everyday. but the thing is that I still don't know if it's right for both of us to be close or not. My feelings tell me to be close, while my brain tells me not to.

how can I know what does she want from this relationship this time without asking her directly ?

we're happy with each other now, but I want us to be happy on the long term, whether we're with each other or not.

So what do you suggest please?

i need your opinions promptly cause tomorrow we're gonna discuss this issue

(sorry it's a long story, and thank you for your time and opinions)


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  • Cousins have gotten together in the past.

    You're not the first to have these feelings and you won't be the last.

    Go for what you want. If you want her in your life, open the door. If you think it's wrong and don't want it, then shut the door. You have to make this decision for yourself and let other factors play out as they may.


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