What do you consider cheating and mutual respect in a relationship?

Like the things you do do you expect them to get done back to you or not good and bad what's cheating in your eyes and would you expect it if you was cheating


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  • cheating is not just having sexual contact with another person but maybe also wanting to be with another person or spending time with that person instead of spending time with the person your dating . cause that will eventually lead to physical contact .

    mutual respect ? I went through a situation where there seemed to be very little respect among each other , the girl didn't seem to respect me for some reason . you should be able to talk to each other and feel comfortable being open and honest with each other about things


What Girls Said 1

  • What is cheating: Cheating is having a physical and/or emotional connection with a person other than the one you are in a relationship with. We have each others' hearts, I know that is true. As far as physical goes, our rule is looking is OK touching is NOT. So, to be honest, even if I were to hold another man's hand I would feel like I was cheating. The only thing I'll do is hug, because touch is how I express my love. I hug everyone lol, and he knows that :) He's NOT a toucher, doesn't like to be touched by anyone but me, and I'm OK with that too lol.


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